Introducing USGBC Keystone Network

The USGBC Keystone Network
USGBC wants passionately to achieve its mission and vision, and recognizes the need to maintain its leadership position in the field of sustainable buildings and to continue growing in order to achieve ultimate success.

An essential key to all of this is listening to, learning from and delighting members (and non-members, who may become members).

USGBC is undertaking three interrelated initiatives in 2011 to better connect with and learn from members. These include the Keystone Network, creation of a Relationship Management team to work with key member companies, and a series of Community Forums across the country to hear directly from the market. These initiatives are overseen by Richard Graves, USGBC Senior VP of Community.

The first of these initiatives – the USGBC Keystone Network – has two components. One is a Core Team of 50 members, who are providing input at a strategic level to USGBC leadership on a wide range of issues. The main component consists of 500 to 1,000 members known as USGBC’s Keystone Network. This latter group is the focus of this site.

This Keystone Network will consist of members from each of the stakeholder groups (profession, region, type building, etc.) The Keystone Network will provide input to those at USGBC responsible for decisions on essentially any issue. That input will come in the form of surveys, forum discussions (including Delphi Panels), telephone/webex/in-person discussions, focus groups and whatever else makes sense.

This work will be overseen by Richard Graves and his team, and managed by CEI-Star. CEI-Star principals have helped organizations connect with and listen to their customers for 30 years.

What distinguishes the Keystone Network from the larger community of all USGBC stakeholders?
The combination of all of the following elements gives this Network the perfect opportunity to have meaningful impact:

  • The time is right. USGBC leadership is looking for better ways to link more closely with members for meaningful input, and fully intends to use that input.
  • The make-up of this Network will be special (see criteria).
  • A proven methodology including collaborative process improvement and problem solving; tools for discussion / resolution / agreement; feedback to those providing input on how their input was used; and more.
  • A unique and positive culture. Our experience tells us this will happen.

What’s in it for Keystone Network members
Through this Network members can…

  • Help USGBC move to the next level, and continue its path toward fulfilling its unique mission and achieving its vision.
  • Be sure their issues, concerns and ideas are heard.
  • Participate in in-depth discussions of issues relevant to the broader community.
  • Earn rewards that will be redeemable for awards (TBD)
  • See first-hand a model that can be replicated at the chapter level, or in other kinds of organizations.